It's all busy at the moment which is great. We've been having a lot of enquiries and I've been on a lot of 'free' appraisals so if most of those come back as instructions, I'm going to be having a few late nights!!!

Tracy is currently away with a friend for the week so I'm 'in charge' (for a change) looking after the design and the rental parts of the business whilst looking after Harry and Vinnie (although many are saying that they are looking after me!)

This week I will be mainly working on drawings for loft conversion here in Exmouth. This evening I will be going to measure up for a loft conversion for our adjoining neighbour who has the mirrored image of our house layout. Also this week (so far anyway) I will be off to Plymouth and Saltash to look at converting some building into residential use and also a trip into Exeter for to measure a property for a loft conversion and extension.

Over the weekend I received an enquiry to produce drawings for a loft conversion company in London who carries out over 80 conversions a year and although I was reserved at first as I wasn't sure how I could sensibly manage to carry out surveys commuting from my base in Exmouth, it turns out that he already has someone who carries out the surveys which can then be sent to me so that I can produce the drawings. This is certainly an exciting proposal which I hope to pursue.

On Friday I went to look at a project to build two new houses on a plot in Newton Abbort. This is another project which will be interesting so I hope I hear back on this one.

Don't forget that we always offer a 'no obligation FREE APPRAISAL' so please give me a call on 01395 266 666 to discuss your project.

Thanks for ready and have a great week. All the best, DEAN.

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